Our Family Christmas Tree 2017

Oh, hi there.

So nice to see you again.

Yes, it’s really me, Lindsey, breath it in.

I had two babies in two years.

It’s been two years since I blogged.

So, ( in Oprah Voice) IM BAAAAAAAAACK!!

My purpose here is to be consistent, share a little deeper, and honestly the algorithm connected to google is so much stronger in blogs than any other social media, so, HELLO here I am gettin my verbose hustle on!

So, here we go. First post in two years.


One of our very best friends passed away. His name was James. The week he died, our first child was born and when we were in the hospital Josh was asked to come fill James’s position at the camp where we all met. So we moved with a one month old. James and his girls always got a real Christmas tree, so our first Christmas in Guthrie we were invited with them and made it a new family tradition that we all went together. I promise it’s fun and not as mushy as I just described it, but the mushy is weaved in there within all the giggles. 

So here is the video we made, and then below that is me describing how I made the video. That’s right. Since you crawled all the way here to my blog you get ALL the things. You’re welcome. xoxoox



Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.19.06 AM

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