Interview of Parker and Hattie 2018

It’s a new goal of mine to interview the kiddos every year. These are wildly imperfect, but thats what makes it great right?



My body was angry with me.


I went to doctor because I was so tired, Like. So tired. I was getting 8 hours of sleep… and I was still so tired.

I Cried. I Cried to a stranger after she said “oh maybe you’re just overwhelmed, business AND babies that’s probably a lot.”.


I made her take my blood.


The results came back… and I’m in no way kidding you, I was nutrient deficient.


That woke me up.


I had been living in a hole.


I was giving my babies my everything, I was giving my clients my everything, and I was giving my husband my pitiful left overs.


My business was thriving, and I was living in abundance….Grateful for all these beautiful things I was responsible for…But I was leaving myself, my health, my relationship with Jesus… all of them behind…. And it was catching up with me.


I missed me….happy Lindsey who felt good.


So the next day I loaded the babies up and went to the health food store to buy all the vitamins. This was my first step to shifting a little focus on my health, so I could FEEL capable of all I was responsible for. So I could FEEL joy in conquering the to do list and still have left over energy to enjoy these tiny babies and my husband.


The vitamins have helped tremendously, I’ve also slowly started working out. ( oh hay Jazzercise friends!) Not to look better….that train left the station a long time ago….but to FEEL better.


I started thinking though, if these simple things I’m putting in my body are changing so much, am I limiting myself? Am I just at the brink of how much better I could feel if I actually start making a conscious effort to chase after wellness?


So. Of course. Perfect time of year. The new year. I’m going to put some actual effort into nourishing my body.


So. If you want to join my team. If you want to invest in yourself. If you want to take tiny steps to stop feeling like a lazy, sore, snotty, tired, slug. Message me. Because we are capable of all the things people.


We can check off the to do list and still have energy left over, we just aren’t letting ourselves.


I have always used essential oils here and there for this and that, but I wanted to make them part of this new routine of wellness I’ve begun. I bought a starter pack for $160.. it has 11 oils that individually have at minimum 10 different uses, a diffuser, and a handful of samples of other things, and you get added to a Facebook group thousands strong who have used these oils daily and are way more knowledgeable than myself. (Which is really nice to learn from people who have gone down the road before you have.) I’m persistently learning about how to add essential oils to my day and am going to start showing you what they do for me and my family.


Anyone amped up to treat themselves better so they can treat those around them better? Let’s jump off the crazy ledge together k? 


Sign up for your starter kits here,

and for the month of December I’ll give you $25 back making your starter kit only $135…so we can start 2018 pursuing better versions of ourselves.


Our Family Christmas Tree 2017

Oh, hi there.

So nice to see you again.

Yes, it’s really me, Lindsey, breath it in.

I had two babies in two years.

It’s been two years since I blogged.

So, ( in Oprah Voice) IM BAAAAAAAAACK!!

My purpose here is to be consistent, share a little deeper, and honestly the algorithm connected to google is so much stronger in blogs than any other social media, so, HELLO here I am gettin my verbose hustle on!

So, here we go. First post in two years.


One of our very best friends passed away. His name was James. The week he died, our first child was born and when we were in the hospital Josh was asked to come fill James’s position at the camp where we all met. So we moved with a one month old. James and his girls always got a real Christmas tree, so our first Christmas in Guthrie we were invited with them and made it a new family tradition that we all went together. I promise it’s fun and not as mushy as I just described it, but the mushy is weaved in there within all the giggles. 

So here is the video we made, and then below that is me describing how I made the video. That’s right. Since you crawled all the way here to my blog you get ALL the things. You’re welcome. xoxoox



Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 9.19.06 AM

Thankful Before Thanksgiving \ My Soap Box.


I, like so many moms, especially those who own their own businesses struggle with inadequacy.

I’m not skinny enough, the work I produce is mediocre, I am too tired to be a good wife at the end of the day, I get angry and hateful towards those I love too often, I can’t even remember to put on deodorant some days, my son bounces in his bouncer for too many minutes a day and the dang breastmilk I produce sometimes isn’t enough to satisfy him and he has to have formula… TMI I know but low boobie milk is a really great way to feel inadequate really fast. 

There are so many ways to feel so terrible about my self proclaimed imperfections. You have them too, we all do, just a different list.

Did you see what I said though? Self proclaimed imperfections.

Whooooooo freaaaaaaking cares.

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. ( in reference to who he was picking for king) the Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

I have been trying to learn this really well for a few weeks now…. and to get real, really fast I want you to think about someone you loved who has died.

When you think about them and miss them, does it matter to you if they were good looking, rich, or had a clean house all the time?


What you miss is who they were to you.

They were your motivator, they were your shoulder to cry on, they were someone who made you laugh or smile, they helped you, they gave you confidence in yourself.

On and on and on.

So let’s quit making it about ourselves and lets “be the somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”

and just in case you still feel pitiful about yourself I encourage you to make a list of all the things you’re thankful for and think on that before you head out each day.

Here is mine.

Thank you God for giving me a healthy body and mind, thank you for giving me a husband who cares for me and is always trying hard to find ways to love me better, and who is healthy and loves you and others Lord, thank you for giving us a precious precious happy baby boy who is healthy and sweet to others, thank you for giving us friends and family who wholeheartdly care for us and always want the best for us, thank you for giving us a beautiful home to live in and raise our son in and invite others into, thank you for giving us jobs that have opportunity to exemplify you and your kingdom that make us happy, thank you for giving us cars to be able to travel to all of the fun opportunities we get to partake in, thank you for giving us financial security and food in our bellies, thank you for our educations, thank you for allowing us to be members of a gym so we can take care of our bodies and remain healthy for many years, thank you for our family and friends health, thank you for letting us travel and experience the beauty of the world you created, thank you for placing us in a country that gives us the freedom to openly worship you and speak our minds and choose the paths we please, thank you for chocolate and bean burritos, thank you for cell phones so we can communicate easily with people we love, thank you for giving us friendships and moments that have shown us how to love others before ourselves, thank you for the energy you’ve given us to go and do and love on our friends and family and people we have yet to meet, thank you for clean water flowing from our faucets, thank you for our our paramedics, police, and firemen who sacrifice time with their families and their own security to keep us safe from evil things, thank you for belly laughs, and thank you for guaranteeing that regardless of our circumstances we can always be content in the fact that asking you to be our personal savior will provide us with eternity in heaven with you and our home boy Jesus. 

Lindsey out.

Senior Rep Program 2016-2017

I’m so pumped to announce that Lenae Photography is now offering a Senior Rep Program!

Whhhhhhat does this mean you ask?

Well it means that we are choosing 4 amazing, big hearted, go getters to receive complimentary senior photos from us to use for their 2016-2017 senior year.

We will be shooting the session the summer before your senior year aka THIS SUMMER, so this is for kiddos who are juniors right now.

RUN to apply to be a senior rep at and click the Seniors tab, then fill out the form at the bottom. The more you share the more likely you are to win an interview to be a senior rep!

Here below is what shoots are kind of like, and then below THAT is an info video of all the services we offer so

Why I’m terrified, and why that’s stupid.

** this post is very personal and in no way as traumatic as anyone who is going through things that are worse like health issues etc. I do realize this and told myself that every day of going through this ** 

I sat with my back against the wall, holding our tax papers. Bawling. Crying huge huge tears.

All last year I had worked so hard to send all of the extra money we made to pay off debt. I was doing it right I thought. I was cleaning us up, I was making our future easier, I was taking the dark shadow off from above our heads.

I never accounted for taxes.

I never knew that when I answered God earlier that year and said yes to the ‘no plan, plan ‘ we would then get pregnant so fast.

We joyfully paid off all our debt last year, but then in the slow season of my business… maybe $30 to our name and a baby on the way… we got our tax papers back in the mail.

We owed $4,000.00. 

I had just a few short months to make that much money to pay for my mistake of not saving for taxes, and get ready to be on maternity leave from my business.

I was terrified.

Josh and I bought rice and beans, spaghetti, and canned marinara. We had $25 on a homeland gift card and spent literally every penny to get us to Josh’s next pay check.

I worked my butt off creating a video course to sell online, I had talks with a financial advisor friend who kept talking about the future and IRA’s and big dreams. All I could see were rice and beans and a $4,000 voucher sitting in my kitchen.

Last week I booked enough clients, and sold enough classes to pay every dime of our taxes, my tax prep guy,  my office manager her salary, and the baby doctor her monthly dues.

I cried again. This time happy tears.

As we were setting up the paper work and wrote the checks out, I looked at Josh and told him I couldn’t believe it all came together.

He looked at me and said “I don’t know why you don’t just trust God”

Why? Why don’t I just trust God? Why do I worry SO much about money when God has ALWAYS taken care of us. Why do I worry so much about our location and Josh’s job, when wherever he places us is exactly where he wants us? Why do I worry about our family and how in the world we will be able for this precious new baby to have connections to all 26 immediate family members, when it will all work out for the good? Why do I worry how I will balance a baby and business when he showed me I could balance 4 jobs before Josh and I got married? Why do I worry about how my house or car looks, when I know that people who matter only care about how your heart looks.

Every. Single. Day. I need to get OVER myself and realize that God’s got it. Sure I still have to hustle and get my work done, I still have to have a busy schedule and sleepless nights, Josh and I will always get a little frustrated by our teacher salary income budget, but NONE of that should stop me from enjoying every single second of this amazing life God has given to me in order to grow his kingdom. All of that and better planning for our little dreams, and we are going to be fine. No, we are going to be great.

Thank you Jesus.

and thank you everyone who has kindly helped us in ways you probably didn’t know you did.

I’m going to look back on this and just laugh.

I told my best friend that I wished I could look at life like an 85 year old does. Someone who has seen things resolve themselves hundreds of different ways so they don’t really worry anymore.

She said “I’m pretty sure that only happens with time”

Listen to this song if you’re going though anything you think you can’t quite see the end of right now.

I cried listening to this song a lot too haha.

7 Tips on How to Survive the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy : When You’re a Basketball Coach’s Wife.

How to survive the 1st trimester of pregnancy, when you’re a basketball coaches wife.


     Let’s be real honest. I love basketball. I prayed hard when my husband and I got engaged that I would fall in love with basketball, and over the past three years, it has happened.
Basketball never stops.
Josh has a shirt produced by Nike that says just that. It’s real, you can google it.
He has basketball practice at 7:30 am with junior high, 6th hour practice with high school, then Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, are game nights.
I also no joke, have woken up in the middle of the night to him shouting  “GET ON THE FREE THROW LINE”. I swear during basketball season he makes layups, or coaches with his body during his sleep.
So in all actuality, basketball never stops.
So for all of you ladies who just got the big ol’ positive on that pregnancy test you just took, and also happen to be head over heels in love with a basketball coach, I have created a few tips to help you survive this season of life.
1. Scarves.
Preferably ones with no holes. Why you ask is this the first tip? Scarves help cute up that huge top you’re wearing, but most importantly, scarves are the easiest and best way to cover your nose from the constant surprise of smells that come along with basketball season. Farts, the rush of body odor you weren’t expecting, weird court cleaner smells, and concession stand BBQ sandwiches that come from a tub…. my nose during 1st trimester is similar to spidey senses. I can’t tell you how many times scarves have saved me from an embarassing yammy in my handbag. ( If you don’t understand this reference, please watch ‘ I’ll be home for Christmas’ with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, if you don’t have time for that, yammy translates to vomit)
2. Snacks.
I don’t care what you read on Pinterest about your snacks needing to be blah blah % protein, or whatever % vitamin something. Pack a purse with whatever snacks you know you will eat. Have a variety, I switch from salty to sweet on just a thought, so have both. An empty belly makes 4th quarter of the last basketball game seem like an torturous eternity away, and also amps up the nauseous feelings. Take your prenatals, drink water, but always have snacks. I’m not kidding friends, go get them now.
3. Cash
The only time I carry cash is during basketball season. Carry it with you now, so juuussssst in case your snack stash runs out, OR by a God given blessing from heaven above, the concession stand has warm, salty, pretzels with cheese, and you can buy one and not be cranky.
4. A good stadium chair.
Save your hunkus now girls. I don’t care how old it makes you look to carry a chair and take 3 minutes to get it set up right. I have one like this I really like, handed down to me by Josh’s mom.  This will save your sit bones from piercing through your skin during the 3rd of 4 games of the night. If you don’t get one, you will want to stand up even when the other teams cheerleaders are asking. Just bring it.
5. Fold Up Yoga Leggings
Like these. I know you’re not big enough for maternity pants yet, but that button on your jeans will feel like a steel death trap, after sitting in a bleacher seat all bent up on your bloaty, too many pretzel’s tummy. These leggings I think are appropriate with running shoes, and can be worn with boots to be a tad more stylish. They are legit. Buy 7 pairs. I only have 2 right now and they are always in the dirty clothes.
6. People to sit by who make you laugh.
I am so very blessed by the friends I have made though basketball, and that they share my same humor. They make the nights shorter, and give me something extra to look forward to when I’m zoned out at 3 o’clock putting on my makeup to get ready for the nights games.
7. Get your emotions in check.
Pregnancy hormones are the real deal, and will sneak attack you. I have almost cried, during the first few games when our team would run out, because I was already so proud of how hard they had worked to prepare themselves for the season. I have wanted to scream remarkably to the point obscenities at clock keepers calling my husband a jerk, parents making false statements about my husband on social media, and my husband himself for not doting on me like a princess because he’s so incredibly emotionally and physically exhausted from teaching/coaching, and I feel like I’m set on the back burner every now and again. Have a mantra, a joke, or just plain tell yourself ‘wow your crazy pregnancy brain needs to get it together’ 
I wouldn’t change being a coaches wife for anything in the world, watching Josh coach, especially when I catch him doing so off the court, always makes me remember how remarkable of a man Josh is. When the boys on the basketball team found out, they seemed almost excited as we were, and I can’t help but think about all the really cool older brother figures this kid is going to have : )
If you are a basketball coach’s wife, and have any life saving tips for being pregnant during basketball season, or have a 5-9 month old during season, please send them my way!!!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever.

I was determined.

I am 97.6% sure I am successful.

These are always a winner at holiday parties and I have to wait until riiiiiiiiight before the party almost to bake them, or Josh eats them all!

Here is the RECIPE ( aren’t you a lucky duck?)

1. Heat oven to 325* – oven racks at upper and lower middle

2. Mix

2 cups and 2 Tablespoons of flour (I know it seems like a lot, but I think this is key for fluff)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.

-set aside-

3.  In a separate bowl mix

1 Cup brown sugar packed

1/2 cup granulated sugar

4. Melt 1 1/2 sticks butter in the microwave

5. Pour butter over sugars and mix well.

6. Add 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk ( I usually separate the yolk out by cracking the egg and letting the white fall into a separate container moving the yolk back and forth between shells)

7. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla and mix well.

8. Add dry ingredients and 1 1/2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips until all is mixed smooth.

9. take 1/4 cup dough at form a ball. break in half and place rough sides up on the baking sheet.

10. Bake until cookies are set around the outer edges, yet centers are still soft and puffy. Around 11-13 minutes. Cool on cookies sheet.


Little One McClennahan : The story on how we got here


Around April earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop called The Beautiful Art of Balance, created by my sweet friend Shannon Ho. The workshop was Christ focused and had allotted quiet time with God ( which I had been absent from due to my busy ‘I own my own business’ working hours) this specific quiet time we were inspired to be ‘expectant and waiting on the Lord’  for him to speak to us, to be quiet and listen, instead of being full of requests.

I literally couldn’t remember the last time I had done that, if ever.

So I listened to my worship playlist I had created and sat quietly, writing all the thoughts that ran through my head. My little journal soon looked like a jumbled mess,  which wasn’t a big surprise, Josh says I’m great at ‘ water falling’. Soon enough the thoughts of ‘The Plan’ starting running though my head. Since we were married, Josh and I have always been on ‘the 5 year plan’, we knew the pressure would be on, both of us being the oldest children in our families to have little ones, and we wanted to make sure our families didn’t get over anxious. ( they did anyway… love you guys!….)

During this quiet time, God kept telling me that it wasn’t my choice, there was never a perfect time to have a child, I needed to give up on  ‘the plan’. At first I was hesitant, I’ve always wanted kids but the unknown has always freaked me out a little.What if we have an emergency and a huge NICU bill? What if our house is never cute enough or big enough and I can’t take cute photos of my kids in it? ( yes that was a real worry) What if I literally, never in my life have a body I’m proud of? What if Josh dies and I have to do this alone?

There was no solution to any of these problems, no possible plan I could come up with.

No solution except to be obedient to what God was asking of me. Obedience brings blessing,  disobedience brings discipline. I fully believe this heart and soul.

He was asking me to give up my worries, my stress, and my plan, to him.

I put it off. I put it off a week, and felt absolutely sick about it. Josh and I went over it, prayed over it, and finally decided to follow God’s word.

We were now on the no plan, plan, or God’s plan, plan. It was scary, exciting, and nerve wracking.

It took 5 months. That’s all. I knew in my heart the week before we took a test that it was real. We were both super nervous to see the results. Josh even came home from basketball practice early to get our nerves over with! I videoed the reaction I promise, and did so everyone’s reactions pretty much as we got to tell our families over thanksgiving about the new addition to come June of next year.

Through everything though, it still hasn’t really hit me. I mean sure, I’m super crazy tired, am the pickiest eater ever now, and get a little sick every now and then. Seeing the live ultra sound and hearing the heart beat got me a little closer, but it’s just crazy hard to believe that in about 195 days Josh and I will be parents, and get to be constantly entertained by the amazing blessing God has given us.

I pray almost non stop for a health. Lots of my family has joined that prayer now, so I feel better.

So here we go, trusting God to carry us every step of the way.

Please continue to pray for our little family. Pray for health, financial stability, our relationship when my hormones make me cranky, for us to continue to follow where God leads us, and know when he is speaking.

I am so thankful and in awe of the response of excitement that our announcement produced. We are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives who celebrate with us every step of the way.


The McClennahans


Photos by Amanda Watson Photography 

Owen and Kelcie Engagement Photos

You might have seen a few weeks ago when I posted my little brother Owen’s proposal to Kelcie  photos .

Such little cutie pies.

SO this last weekend we went to a new location I wanted to try out, ( it’s good to have family willing to get stickers in their shoes and drive out into the middle of no where for a good photo ) near Guthrie.

I love love love them, the photos, and Oh and Kelc face.

I can’t wait until next December for their wedddddinnnnng!


lenae-photography-video-portraits_0052 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0053 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0054 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0055 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0056 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0057 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0058 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0059 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0060 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0061 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0062 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0063 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0064 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0065 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0066 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0067 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0068 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0069 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0070 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0071 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0072 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0073 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0074 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0075 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0076 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0077 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0078