Thankful Before Thanksgiving \ My Soap Box.


I, like so many moms, especially those who own their own businesses struggle with inadequacy.

I’m not skinny enough, the work I produce is mediocre, I am too tired to be a good wife at the end of the day, I get angry and hateful towards those I love too often, I can’t even remember to put on deodorant some days, my son bounces in his bouncer for too many minutes a day and the dang breastmilk I produce sometimes isn’t enough to satisfy him and he has to have formula… TMI I know but low boobie milk is a really great way to feel inadequate really fast. 

There are so many ways to feel so terrible about my self proclaimed imperfections. You have them too, we all do, just a different list.

Did you see what I said though? Self proclaimed imperfections.

Whooooooo freaaaaaaking cares.

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. ( in reference to who he was picking for king) the Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

I have been trying to learn this really well for a few weeks now…. and to get real, really fast I want you to think about someone you loved who has died.

When you think about them and miss them, does it matter to you if they were good looking, rich, or had a clean house all the time?


What you miss is who they were to you.

They were your motivator, they were your shoulder to cry on, they were someone who made you laugh or smile, they helped you, they gave you confidence in yourself.

On and on and on.

So let’s quit making it about ourselves and lets “be the somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody”

and just in case you still feel pitiful about yourself I encourage you to make a list of all the things you’re thankful for and think on that before you head out each day.

Here is mine.

Thank you God for giving me a healthy body and mind, thank you for giving me a husband who cares for me and is always trying hard to find ways to love me better, and who is healthy and loves you and others Lord, thank you for giving us a precious precious happy baby boy who is healthy and sweet to others, thank you for giving us friends and family who wholeheartdly care for us and always want the best for us, thank you for giving us a beautiful home to live in and raise our son in and invite others into, thank you for giving us jobs that have opportunity to exemplify you and your kingdom that make us happy, thank you for giving us cars to be able to travel to all of the fun opportunities we get to partake in, thank you for giving us financial security and food in our bellies, thank you for our educations, thank you for allowing us to be members of a gym so we can take care of our bodies and remain healthy for many years, thank you for our family and friends health, thank you for letting us travel and experience the beauty of the world you created, thank you for placing us in a country that gives us the freedom to openly worship you and speak our minds and choose the paths we please, thank you for chocolate and bean burritos, thank you for cell phones so we can communicate easily with people we love, thank you for giving us friendships and moments that have shown us how to love others before ourselves, thank you for the energy you’ve given us to go and do and love on our friends and family and people we have yet to meet, thank you for clean water flowing from our faucets, thank you for our our paramedics, police, and firemen who sacrifice time with their families and their own security to keep us safe from evil things, thank you for belly laughs, and thank you for guaranteeing that regardless of our circumstances we can always be content in the fact that asking you to be our personal savior will provide us with eternity in heaven with you and our home boy Jesus. 

Lindsey out.

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