Aaron and Jeline : Maternity Photographer


Not only are Aaron and Jeline hip, cool, rock climbing, graphic designing, bloggers, they are also my cousins.

Aaron was my idol growing up, along with my other cousin his brother Todd, they were 7 years older than me and always played with my brother Owen and I. They are creative and hard workers. They master anything they put their mind to and are most likely the reason Owen and I are so silly, we would do anything to get them to laugh. Literally anything.

Even today when we all get together I find myself being worn out afterwards from how hard we laugh and act like goobers the whole time.

I met Jeline, when I was 13. 13! I can literally remember her walking into our house in Norman, her huge smile, and the way she waved with her right hand and fell into her right side a little as she did : ) My favorite thing about Jeline is her acknowledgment and love of family, not just hers, but Aaron’s as well.  When Owen and I were teenagers Todd and Aaron moved to Dallas, she would let us come with her on her visits to see Aaron. Her and Aaron lived 3 hours apart, and her time she had with him, she let his younger cousins tag along. This was the first sign to me that Jeline was ment to be an awesome Mom. She was goofy with us, and quickly became a staple in our family. Jeline, even though she would never be prideful enough to admit it, brings people together. She involves family, friends, animals and kids. ( Not all at once ; )!) She wants every one to have a good time and feel comfortable, and she is successful at doing so.

Through the years Jeline and I have become close, and I consider her one of my best friends. It was her and Aaron who let me do my first portrait shoot, their engagement photos. They had one printed on a huge matte board and had it at the entrance of their reception at their wedding, seeing this was one of my first sparks. My photosomeone was proud enough to show to their loved ones. They had me take photos at their wedding, my first wedding. So when I was considering going to culinary school, Jeline and Aaron kind of shook their heads at me. I was nervous about stepping out into the photography world. Why should I even try when there were a million photographers out there better than me? Jeline and Aaron gave me the confidence to just have fun with it, keep going and love the artistic side. I have tried to keep this philosophy in mind even though the equipment failures, the awkward clients, and the technology hiccups.

I am very proud and happy to be finally taking Jeline and Aaron’s maternity photos. It was a struggle for them to get to this point , you can read Jeline’s blog post about it here, and though it was tough Jeline and Aaron were strong together, and have noticeably become a stronger, happier, and more in love couple.

April 2nd is the due date for us to get to meet Jean Aarilyn Guiles, I am SO excited : ) and her strong galloping heart beat I heard this week at one of Jeline’s doctor’s appointments surly prooves that she is excited to meet me too ; )





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