The Thresher Family : Oklahoma Family Photographer

Mrs. Ashley Thresher is my cousin, her Memaw, and my Mamaw are sisters, that makes us 2nd cousins, but both Ashley and I were half raised by our grandparents so it feels more like 1st ; ).

Growing up I never realized that our family was a little more outgoing than others, but the more marriages we have,and the more people I have met that know my family I realize it more and more. I love it and I know Ashley does too, because we laugh about our funny family over the vegetable tray at baby showers, weddings, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, every year.

Yesterday was Ashley and her husband TJ’s two year anniversary. Their love story is another example of how God can take bad situations and with patience and trust in him, lead you exactly where you’re supposed to be.  In my opinion the main reasons TJ and Ashley have had a successful marriage is the fact that they stay playful, always joke, are very honest with one another, and have God as their rock.

The Thresher family is one of my favorites, not just because they are on my family tree, but they  give their kids tough love, have high expectations of them to respect others and behave, all while constantly laughing when things don’t go exactly as planned. They work hard to make sure their kids grow up in an environment that shows God’s love, and a church community of other faithful friends.

Enjoy their photos and to see more look up L. Lenae Photography up on facebook and check out their album.


6 thoughts on “The Thresher Family : Oklahoma Family Photographer

  1. Hi Lindsey. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Always lovely to see a new blogger. Lovely wedding photography on your blog. It must be great as a wedding photographer, capturing all the happiness of the couple. Victoria

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