Jill and Michael : Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Jill knew she was going to marry Michael on their second date. She had been planning her wedding all 22 years of her life, she just had one thing missing, a face to put to her groom. When Jill and Michael met he knew by her big heart and contagious laughter and she knew by his calm, strong and caring demeanor that they were destined to be together.

I was very excited when Jill and Michael asked me to photograph their wedding, they are such a beautiful and sweet couple. When I found out Michael was a photographer I was honored, and very nervous about shooting their Oklahoma wedding.

The day of their wedding I got to Jill’s neighborhood super early to make sure I made it on time for her getting ready photos. While I sat in my car with my gas station bag of cheeze-its  I spent more time on Jill’s Pinterest to get to know better what she wanted for her day. While doing this I noticed Jill had been pinning recipes recipes recipes recipes, and precious reads on how to love, pray for, flirt, and respect your husband. Jill wasn’t just excited for the wedding, Jill was thrilled to become a wife, and a pretty good one at that.

Congratulations Jill and Michael, I pray you enjoy your new life together as best friends and husband and wife.  : )



7 thoughts on “Jill and Michael : Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

  1. Shele Hobza

    Your photos are really good! Very creative and fun, and you show clearly how much in love these two are and that they really have great fun together.
    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Farrar!

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