The Beautiful Art Of Balance | Photography Workshop

I shake my head thinking about how the Lord leads my life in amazing directions, in such a divine and beautiful way. My dear dear friend Shannon Ho invited me to capture her workshop ‘ The Beautiful Art Of Balance’  the weekend before last. I had been praying for a while for God to give me friendships that nourished my life in a spiritual way, and for Him to put his hand in my little business and do what he pleased. Being a part of this workshop did both of those things. I am always in awe of how He works! Thank you all so much for taking me in with open arms and giving so much of yourselves during the workshop. Then here comes the reaaaaal corny part… I will forever be changed by you ladies!!

Love love love : )

Here are the videos, one of the Beautiful Art of Balance Workshop, the other of the calligraphy session taught by Allisa of Feast calligraphy.



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