Kaitlin and Kallie | Senior Photos



I met Kaitlin ( older sister) when we worked at Charleston’s in Norman together. She worked in To-Go’s and I was a Server. I fell in love with her because every time I worked with her I would run back to her corner of the resturant and we would giggle way too loud for acceptable work hours. She would make the long shifts seem shorter, and I would be super excited when I knew I was working with her! This photo shoot was similar to that! Kaitlin and her sister are so easy to be around and laugh at all of my terrible jokes ( which makes me feel way cool…) It also didn’t hurt that they are STUNNING. I was in love with their clothes and the light we shot in! Happy graduation girls!! Keep being awesome!    2014-03-31_0020 2014-03-31_0021 2014-03-31_0022 2014-03-31_0023 2014-03-31_0024 2014-03-31_0025 2014-03-31_0026 2014-03-31_0027 2014-03-31_0028 2014-03-31_0029 2014-03-31_0030 2014-03-31_0031 2014-03-31_0032 2014-03-31_0033 2014-03-31_0034 2014-03-31_0035 2014-03-31_0036 2014-03-31_0037 2014-03-31_0038 2014-03-31_0039 2014-03-31_0040 2014-03-31_0041 2014-03-31_0042 2014-03-31_0043

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