Easter and April Goals

This weekend Josh and I drove to my hometown in Norman OK. Josh golfed with my brothers my Dad my Papaw and my Uncle Jerry on Saturday, while my Mamaw and I cooked and prepared for our family’s 23rd annual Easter picnic. I have gone to this picnic every year of my life, seeing how they starting having it when I was 6 months old. It’s like Thanksgiving, in the Spring, but way less stressful and more games. This was Josh and I’s first year as a married couple, but 4th Easter together. Is that crazy or what?! I love that man : )


I’d also like to say my Dad looked rather handsome Easter sunday and he let me grab this photo of him in the hustle and bustle of all of us getting ready to head to the picnic.


Now to April Goals.

My march goals were as follows

Turn 2 miles into 3…. ( holy moly running)

Update the healthy eating menu

Make an “about me” video for Lenae Photography!

Ask myself every day ” what can I MAKE today

and all I managed to do was add some more shots to the video. haha
I have a dumb bum left knee, and I wore it plum out at the two mile mark, which left me very discouraged.

My April Goal is just one.
Don’t Stress.
Don’t stress about exercising all the time, but rather add more fun active activities to my days.
Don’t stress about what I eat, just don’t shove tons of it down my throat. ( I shouldn’t be eating Josh portions! ; )
Don’t stress about taxes, or money, God will handle every thing, he always has.
Don’t stress about the house not being perfectly clean.

: )
Have a wonderful week! I get to go skiing this weekend, and will have so much to show you when I return.

PLEASE comment : )

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