Jean Aarilyn Guiles| Newborn Photos

We have been waiting and waiting and waiting, patiently, and then not so patiently, and then excitedly until the day this baby girl was born. Aaron is my cousin, Jeline is his wife, and they are some of my best friends. Growing up with Aaron our whole family knew he wanted to be a Dad by how much fun he has with kids, and how he lights up when they are around. When he and Jeline married we knew they would be perfect and super fun parents. That day is finally here! I went to visit them in Dallas, a normal visit includes Jeline planning stuff for us to do around town running back and forth from errands to fun times to eating cool places, this time was equally as exciting, but extremely different. The day and night I was there all three of us just stared and giggled at this precious baby girl, and I couldn’t have been happier. She is perfect, and I’m so happy and proud to call her part of my family : )
Fun Fact #1 her name is Jean after our grandad Gene Guiles who passed a few years ago and was such an important person to all of us : ) I teared up a little bit the first time I heard her name and pictured her cute little asian face.
Fun Fact #2 We call her Aarilyn, her middle name, a combo name I made up to combine Aaron and Jeline, when I came up with it, it sounded more like “arah lean” but now it’s just the perfect mesh!
anyway, I know you’re probably tempted to press your face up against the computer screen and snuggle this baby girl, it’s okay, I give you permission.


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