The Aesthetic of Printed Products

This post is directed at the CD lovers, the download infatuates, the right click and save adorers, and the “I’d rather trade those prints for more photos on the CD” fondness. In no way is it this post intended to be hateful, just inspiring. 

I have had the joy of being a professional photographer for 5 years now. Granted I was 18  my first shoot and I used a Canon Rebel, a kit lens, and felt uncomfortable asking the mother of the family to pay $30 for the shoot that included the CD of all of the images. (Edited no doubt) Over the years I spent my extra time and any extra money I had and devoted them to my business, my passion, my art. 

I didn’t realize until just this week that I had been cheating myself from the very beginning. Sure I raised my prices, got fancier equipment, learned how to pose people, make them laugh, and hand them a CD. This week was the week that one of my brides who purchased one of my more abundant wedding and engagement packages received her beautiful Save the Dates, and 16×20 canvas. This is the first time a wedding client has purchased anything more than the package with the CD only. I was packed with excitement as these products landed on my door step. I opened them for quality assurance, pulling down the exceptional ribbon, lifting the top off of the crisp white box, gently pulling back the soft cream tissue paper, and exposing the premium cotton Save the Dates I had designed for this more than appreciative couple. 

I have always been enchanted with paper products. I could spend hours in a Papyrus, or online at places like Paper Presentation. I love the sound, the feel, and the display that a good paper provides. ( It’s a little freaky freaky I know) I have a large and in charge dream to own a paper/flower shop one day, along with a wedding venue that has an attached studio large enough to accommodate a reception, or a hungry basketball team. : ) 

Holding the canvas, the tight perfectly folded edges and durability of the materials that will provide a perfect wall mount, I sighed. “What in the world have I been doing all these years?” 

Be looking forward to some changes in 2013, and wave goodbye to your CDs only people I’ve gone print crazy, and I’m loving it. 




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