My First Interview ; )

My friend from highschool Jacob messaged me yesterday saying

“Hey Lindsey, I’m supposed to be interviewing a (band) photographer for class… do you mind answering a few questions?”

I had photographed his band a few years ago and love answering questions about myself…. So I was all 




1) How much do you charge for a session?

I charge by the session. $150 to be paid at time of booking

2) What is a typical photo session like?

A typical photo session can be anything from walking around downtown Norman, sitting on roof tops, or fake playing your instruments in a field. I like to get the idea from the artists and go from there. It’s a shoot dedicated to showing who and what they are about, therefore they should have a say in how they wish to be represented.

3) What types of artists do you like to work with?

 I like to work with artists who’s music I enjoy, and agree with. I like to work with anyone who is willing to get comfortable in front of the camera, and maybe even a little giggly.
4) What types of artists do you not like to work with?

 I will not photograph music artists who represent a brand that I wouldn’t like myself or my company to be involved with. No rough cussin, or screamers for this photographer

5) Do you like artists who have their own ideas?

 No, I love them. I chose to be a photographer because I get to see and experience new people all the time. I like to be involved with new things, places and ideas.

6) Any current trends in photography you dislike?

Birth Story photography kind of freaks me out

7) Any current trends in photography you like?

I really like ‘Life Style’ photography, where you get kids, or family to go out and do something together. Apple picking, christmas tree hunting, pie eating contest, you name it. I like the idea of not posing people all stiff, but letting them be and enjoy themselves and capturing those little moments. I also recently saw a photographer who specializes in ‘Connection Portraits’ her focus is capturing the connection that happens between two people, wether that be a mother and daughter, a husband and wife, or two siblings. Only two people ever appear in her work, it’s really pretty.


So there you have it, my very first “interview”. Hope it’s not my last! Contact me if you’re just biting at the bit to ask me questions, and you too might get featured ; )

Love Always,


PLEASE comment : )

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