A Birth Story

My very first birth story : )

I loved this day so much. Everyone thought it would scare me because I’ll be in the same position come June, but Sally and Mitch were the sweetest most calm, and peaceful people I could have every chosen to shoot their 3rd child’s birth  🙂

Enjoy the video and photos!

lenae-photography-video-portraits_0080 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0081 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0082 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0083 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0084 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0085 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0086 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0087 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0088 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0089 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0090 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0091 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0092 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0093 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0094 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0095 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0096 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0097 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0098 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0099 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0100 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0101 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0102

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