STASH | Norman, Oklahoma

If you’re visiting Norman, Oklahoma, or if you’ve lived there your entire life and you enjoy beautiful, well designed, and one of a kind gifts, STASH located just East of the Porter and Main intersection, strives to pick and display jems for the 8 year old to the 80 year old you can’t find else where.

Rebecca Bean, and Della Patterson invited me to one of the most fun shops in Norman this Spring Break to take photos of the product of their imaginations, STASH. Walking into STASH feels like coming home, most of their products are fair trade, USA made, and locally sourced. Vintage bow-ties, hand soaps from New York, Norman made baby onsies, buffallo neck bone pencil holders, and original Thunder T’s you are bound to find that perfect gift for the hard to buy for friend of yours and know that it’s one of a kind, and quality made.
There are hidden jewels all over this shop.

There is something about being able to see, smell and touch the product you are investing in that trumps internet purchases. Rebecca and Della bring it home also as they make you feel welcome because they value the one on one intercations and getting on a name basis with their customers. They are very forunate to have so much local support. Along with the many new stores near the Main street strip like Anty Shanty, and the Social Club to name a few, STASH helps bring life to Main. With outdoor sales, and a community vibe, STASH is not just the store but a location, a hub. It gives you the feeling you get when you come home, you feel the welcome energy that is the fresh quality ingredients, and lastfull usefullness that is new main street.

Della and Rebecca work hard, and LOVE to pick and find items for STASH so every time you come in, wether that be once a week, or once a year, there is always going to be something new, “good things for all”.

Enjoy this preview of images, there are many more of their beautiful and unique shop that they will be sharing soon with you all.
Also check back for the short commercial we put together.

oh, and GO check out this amazing shop! : )


PLEASE comment : )

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