Being Basic is Fine

If you’re basic you’re actually fine.

I used to have a really hard time liking the same music that everyone else liked.
I thought being ‘original’ or ‘ creative’ was what would set me apart from the masses.
That’s totally fine if you don’t want to follow the crowd, you can go your own way, you be you.
All those things are awesome.
But what if you honestly love watching the bachelorette while sipping Starbucks that you got at Target?
What if the top billboard hits are your jam?
You know what I realized while trying to fight being basic?
Basic is bonding.
Finding common ground is the foundation of friendship.
So while you’re reading this on your iPhone while Netflix plays in the background, know that you’re totally fine.
Every trend setter needs a trend follower.
But don’t be scared to step across that line.
There is joy in finding your own personal groove.

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