Goose Dog turns 5 years old!


Yep. I’m posting about our dog…. Goose turned 5 today June 2nd 2015, so I figured he needed a little loving before he got a tad demoted this month. haha. poor puppy.

Anyway. 5 years ago, Josh and I were just dating, but I’m pretty sure we knew we were going to be togetha forevah… and what does that mean? That means you get a dog. Or, well, I get a dog while living with my gal roommates, and we call it ours.

This sweet sweet puppy was a fire cracker. You can’t see it in any of these photos, but he had daggers for teeth and being part husky his energy was… well.. RIDICULOUS. We literally had to sit on him to get him to calm down at times so he wouldn’t attack us, he escaped anything we put him in, security fenced backyards, backyards with cement surrounding the bottom of the fence line, fencing with chicken wire (he chewed threw it), and even a kennel… without even opening the little gate… that one is still a mystery. He used to never want to come inside even in crazy snow, unless you bribed him with cheese-itz, and even then could somehow manage to snatch the cheese-it and still remain outside no matter how quick you were.

All that among a million other things( like one time playing a little too rough with a kitten……), he has always been the most handsome boy and has chilled out quiet a bit with his age. haha. He loves his chest being scratched, to sit next to you while you read or work, little kids and babies, running ( I’ve literally never seen him tire out… I really need to get him a sled..), listening to his Dad, playing tag around the house, and hugs.

I’m super proud we have somehow managed to keep him alive and at our house this long even though he was born to adventure. I hope he makes it with us 10 more years and can be Parker’s buddy for a long time.

Thank you anyone who has ever watched/fed/ cleaned up after him when he got sick and we were out of town…./ loved on our Goose!

Yay Goosey boy!

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