So you want to start a small business? Or you have one and are lost?

I have had so many sweet friends ask me questions on how I started my business, how to stay away from failing, and how to just get the ball rolling!

I have tried to answer questions…
believe me I have!
But there is just SO much to cover.
Seriously. Like an overwhelming amount.

I’m not sure if you have heard of my awesome friend Whitney English, but she recently hired me to film a portion of her new course, #BizDesigners. We were recording the other day, and I don’t say this lightly, the information that she’s providing in this course is GAME CHANGING. I would have KILLED for something like this when I was starting out, and the information is even valuable to me now and helping me stay afloat!! If you’re an entrepreneur, or want to be, I would seriously encourage you to make an investment in her course. You can find out more here  or message me if you have any questions!


PLEASE comment : )

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