Baby Shower for Parker Blake, and a thank you letter to you all.

Saturday May 2nd we had our baby shower for this baby boy, and as you can tell by the photos we had a blast. It’s so fu to get the people we love together to celebrate the happiest things in life.

My sweet step mom was there getting all our party pics, and my dear friend Shannon grabbed my camera and took these below… she captured it exactly the way I’ll always remember it. Thank you Shannon : )

But before the photos, after we opened all of our wonderful gifts I tried to thank everyone with this ‘thank you speech’.

Thank yous.

I would like to start thank yous by thanking my ever so handsome and charming husband for not taking the threats to his life seriously, taking me on endless amounts of ice cream trips, rubbing any muscle or joint that was requested of him, carrying my bags, boxes, equipment and sometimes even my body as they got too heavy, and most of all for pointing out the joy, beauty and absolute gift from God that is this moment in our lives at times when I would get off center from those thoughts. Like I always say, you’re the best choice I’ve ever made shoogie, you’re going to be an amazing Daddy. 

Then I would like to thank all of you.

Thank you for those who put time, effort and cash money into throwing this wonderful shower and filling every request that this precious angel girl required…. Like having everyone at one large shower… And the lighting requirements of the space…. 

Thank you for those who took time out of their own busy lives to answer my endless amounts of text messages or phone calls with answers to questions I had about what has been happening to me, just to let me vent, or keep me connected to the world outside of Checotah. I have no doubt that will be a large part of my saving grace when baby boy gets here.

Thank you anyone here who has ever let us stay in their home, recently or throughout our marriage who has watched us drag bag after bag into where we were staying and laugh under their breath as they thought to themselves how much more stuff we would be carrying after our baby gets here. 

Next time you’ll be able to cuddle and watch baby as we do the bag transfer process! 

But honestly, thank you for letting us stay in your home at any moments notice and feeding us. 

‘Showering’ is an understatement. 

Seriously, thank you all for constantly pouring large buckets of love, excitement and prayer over us and sweet Parker Blake. We are spoiled rotten to have this many people in our lives who carry us through ups and downs like we were drifting on a cloud through each moment. It’s corny I know. But if we started counting blessings to fall asleep, we would be awake eternally just reading off the list and a huge majority of that list are each of you all.

So continue to send us those happy thoughts, encouraging words and prayer as we start this new adventure. Maybe slowly but surely we can somehow show you our gratitude by loving you back in any way we can…and maybe that comes in the form of a good baby cuddle. 

WE CAN HARDLY WAIT for Parker to be here for so many reasons, but most of all for him to start his life learning all of the great, silly, and weird things each of you has to teach him, just like we have learned them from you all throughout our lives. 

We love you so much as stand in awe at the mighty team God has put together for us. 

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