Owen and Kelcie Engagement Photos

You might have seen a few weeks ago when I posted my little brother Owen’s proposal to Kelcie  photos .

Such little cutie pies.

SO this last weekend we went to a new location I wanted to try out, ( it’s good to have family willing to get stickers in their shoes and drive out into the middle of no where for a good photo ) near Guthrie.

I love love love them, the photos, and Oh and Kelc face.

I can’t wait until next December for their wedddddinnnnng!


lenae-photography-video-portraits_0052 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0053 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0054 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0055 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0056 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0057 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0058 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0059 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0060 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0061 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0062 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0063 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0064 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0065 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0066 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0067 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0068 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0069 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0070 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0071 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0072 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0073 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0074 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0075 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0076 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0077 lenae-photography-video-portraits_0078

One thought on “Owen and Kelcie Engagement Photos

  1. Congratulations again, to Owen and Kelcie! You are one of the sweetest and cutest couples anyone could find anywhere!! You both are so much fun and very talented………. and I love, love, these precious pictures!! Grandma JoJo

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