Video Portraits described, by Lindsey of Lenae Photography and Video Portraits

After many many many videos of other lovely people I FINALLY got it together and made my own video!!

Please take a little watch it’s only a minute and forty seconds!

I would personally like to thank Aubrey Proctor , Spenser Sakurai, and Shannon Ho for donating their time to press the record button and film me while I acted goofy and struggled to get words out right.

I would also like to thank all my friends and past clients who made cameos in the video!

Jenny Collier

Sara Moore

Heidi and Marshall Walker

Rian and Garrett Grimes 

Christina Tiller

Lily Venables toes

Jessica Woods

Kylie Morgan

Paige and Bryce Dunsworth

Josh McClennahan ( my sugar sugar sweet love)

Jennifer Faught

and Stephanie Creekmur

PLEASE comment : )

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