Something Detailed with Jennifer Faught

So not only is Whitney English an amazing business woman, she’s also a brilliant connector of people. Whitney introduced Jennifer and I so I could come to Chicago to shoot Stationery Academy. Then Jennifer let me come stay with her in Nashville and shoot this beautiful video portrait and some fun shots of her and her boys!!

When I’m with Jennifer I feel inspired to tackle lots of ideas I’ve always had running though my head. She’s got a head on her shoulders that girl, and I loved hanging around town with her and meeting all the interesting people we ran into in Nashville ; )

If you’re planning a wedding and need stunning custom invitations.

Call her. Right this second!

lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_1 lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_12 lenae-photography-video-portraits-family-shots_18 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_9 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_54

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