Stephanie Creekmur | Video Portrait

I was a little creeped out when Stephanie Creekmur picked me up from the airport and started talking to me, not because this was the first time we had met in person, but the fact that we are EXACTLY THE SAME.  She laughs with her whole body, and a lot of the way we feel about business things are alike also. We also laughed. All day. I was so tired as we sat at Panera and ate our food. She probably thought I had gone crazy. I think what we got out of the day was pretty great though : )

Thank you SO much Jennifer Faught for introducing us.

Also to read the super kind words Stephanie said about me on her blog check it out here : ) 

Stephanie Creekmur from L. Lenae Photography on Vimeo.


lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_28 lenae-photography-video-portraits-head-shots_105


One thought on “Stephanie Creekmur | Video Portrait

  1. I wasn’t sure where you were headed when you started out with, “I was a little creeped out when Stephanie Creekmur picked me up”! Ha! But I feel the same way! So thankful to have met you and to have worked on this project together! You are amazing! xoxoxo

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