My brother is engaged!

On September 5th 2014 my brother Owen asked Kelcie to marry him at the Music Hall at Fair Park with some help from Charlie Worsham.

Kelcie has been a part of our lives since 2009 and I couldn’t be more happy to call her my sissyyyyy!

Kelcie, I’ll never forget the moment sitting waiting on the floor of the bathroom at camp and having one of the best talks we have ever had. That’s when I knew you would probably be in our family for evah evah!!

These photos just make me happy : )

( documentation by me…and Jojo ‘hiding’ in the corners)owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_17 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_1 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_5 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_2 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_3 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_4 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_6 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_8 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_9 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_10 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_11 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_12 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_13 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_14 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_15 owen-pickard-kelcie-wolf-engaged-charlie-worsham_16




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