Kamber’s Senior Photos


I love this girl. She’s a volunteer at Make Promises Happen with Josh and I. I’ve seen her not only dedicate her time to camp, but also do a lot of really cool things that most kids in high school, or most adults for that matter are not capable of. She is constantly laughing out loud, and I can’t think of a time I haven’t seen her with a smile on her face.

oh and did I mention she’s also stunningly beautiful?

happy senior year Kamber!!!

lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_27 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_96 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_119 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_151 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_158 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_193 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_201 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_215 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_218 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_227 lenae-photography-and-video-portraits_249

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