Kelsey Kennedy | Video Portrait

The majority of people who sign up to be  photographers and videographers spend a lot of their time developing their trade to best capture the happiest moments in peoples lives. Newborn babies, family photos, engagements and weddings just to name a few.

But as you know there are seasons in our lives that aren’t very happy at all and require lots of strength and courage.

I was recently asked to document the story of Kelsey Kennedy. Kelsey  is currently battling stage 4 cancer, and is a wife and mother to a precious 4 year old little girl.

Though I have spent my career striving to document the happiest moments in my client’s lives, this was by far the most meaningful and touching story I have ever been blessed to tell.

It broke me.

The strength of the holy spirit was there with me, as I stood on the Kennedy family’s bed, filming from above as they looked at baby photos of Alexa together and giggled and read books.

The compassion of the holy spirit was there with me, as I interview Kelsey as she spoke about her desire to be the active and fun mom she has always dreamed of being.

The voice of the holy spirit was with me, as I prayed on my knees before starting the editing process of this video, begging God to let the story he wanted told , be told.

Finally, the JOY of the holy spirit filled me as I watched the video I had produced with Shannon Ho, and her work on the You caring site bring in dollar after dollar in such a plentiful and quick way.

I am so incredibly honored that the Lord has given my business purpose and the ability to bless others by telling their stories in a beautiful way.

Please watch the video here, and click here if you feel led to give to Kelsey’s holistic treatment.



You caring

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