Lifetime Sessions Family Options

So I’m sure you’ve heard about my brand new product for 2014, the Lifetime Session! If you haven’t then click here 

What I am here to show you today are a few options on how you can use the Lifetime Sessions! ( Specifically on the part that says $500 credit.. whaaaat?)

Here are examples…. oh wait, before you look at the STUFF you get, please watch this video…. because one of these comes in YOUR lifetime session.

Grandparents kill for this stuff, I can’t tell you how many emails I got saying ” I just teared up I am SO in love with this video I will cherish it forever!”

attachment-2 attachment-4 attachment attachment-5 attachment-6 attachment-7attachment-3


So the video, this HUGE assortment of choices of FRAMED prints and all of your photos on a copyright given USB? I would say that’s a pretty swell deal.


PLEASE comment : )

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