Why to take family photos before the fall


” Okay put your gloves on your nose so it’s not red anymore!”

” Just PRETEND you’re on a beach somewhere and NOT cold”

” No honey just a few more and then we can put your coat back on”

” How fast can we have these back for a Christmas card or Christmas gift?”

” No that date won’t work, we have a work/family/friend Christmas party”

Are just a few quotes from fall time family photos that make the fun experience of a family photo shoot more hectic than it should be!

Why does everyone ( myself included) wait until the cold cold last minute to do family photos?!  Here are 5 reasons to NOT wait

1. The colors of spring and summer are SIGNIFICANTLY more beautiful.

2.  You will have more time to plan out your outfits, coordinating with your home decorations.

3. You will have more time in your schedule for the photo session AND ordering appointment.

4.  You have more color choices for your outfits ( who owns a yellow or blue sweater…? I mean you may… but I personally don’t…)

5. You have more money! During the fall and winter I’m never thinking of ways to benefit myself, but gifts for others instead! Family photos should be cherished and invested in, you’re documenting your families history, you shouldn’t be skimping here. Have you ever gone through photos for a funeral, and just been SO SO happy you had those memories captured to share with others?!

so GET ON IT people! send us an email and get on our summer and spring schedule today!


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