How to Decorate Your Home with Photos


I don’t know about you, but January is my month to

1. Pretend I can be a brand new organized and more healthy person.

2. Stare at my walls and think…. what could I do brand new? How could I get a fresh start in here?

Then to Pinterest I run!

I’m here to help you out!
Well…. I can’t make you do your kettle bell swings or make you put down that chocolate chip cookie, BUT, I can help you make your home a liiiiitle more fresh!

Remember that time you had a photographer take your family photos like…. oh I don’t know… 2 years ago??
She was so nice and gave me a disk of LOTS of my photos to print on my own!!
Then I slacked…. I let them sit therre and collect dust, those beautiful images of my precious little goobers of children.

Guess what?
Lenae Photography Offers COMPLIMENTARY wall consults.
and complimentary is in all caps because it means FREE
Basically, you call me, check out some ideas on Pinterest you like, you send me a photo of your wall, and I create a custom design on YOUR WALL… free of charge.
So, call me : )
or email me!

and Check out my Pinterest boards of photo decorating inspiration!


PLEASE comment : )

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