Mentorship | Aubrey Lisa




Yesterday I had the honor of mentoring my new friend Aubrey. She wanted to learn how to intregrate video into her photo sessions, and I was ESTATIC to be able to talk video with a photographer! We spent the afternoon shooting ( I snapped a few photos ) and editing a little video! It’s seriously one of the best things for the soul to be able to talk business and photography with people who are fun, and real! This industry can be a taaaaaaaad bit snobby at times, so I am very fortunate to have found the friends I have so I don’t feel all alone! ( I know that sounds super weird, but it’s just so stinkin true!)

Aubrey, we WILL be hanging more, I hope I filled your brain up with some knowlege and I can’t wait to see the stunning work you produce!

If you are in love with video as we are check out my blog post on my new product for 2014 Lifetime Sessions! They incorporate video, and photographs, and I just ADORE the whole process. 



One thought on “Mentorship | Aubrey Lisa

  1. Your friendship & knowledge are priceless gifts that I can never thank you enough for. I HIGHLY recommend everyone check out her new Lifetime Sessions. It’s an amazing experience that you will cherish for years and years to come.

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