A New Product For 2014

At the end of every year, like most, I like to take time to sit and reflect over events that occurred throughout the year that were meaningful to me. Places I traveled, people I met, how Josh and I’s relationship strengthened, and so on : ) Being a small business owner I also reflect on my business’s past. This year I acquired a camera that would not only take georgus images, but also shoot high quality HD video. Stating this fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I actually started shooting video before I started photography! In high school I was in Media ( or as a lot of people called it in my school ” Timberwolf Tracks” ) Our class would come up with news stories, short funnies, music videos, and the school favorite ” Question of the Week” where one lucky student would get to carry a video camera and a mic around the school and ask students wandering through the hallways the question of the week. Always resulting in a good laugh. This year, as a surprise to some of my clients I secretly shot video during our photo sessions and would post them when they got their photos. To my delight, they LOVED it. So many said that the videos made them cry! ( Tears of joy of course!) Even my client’s littles asked to watch the videos of themselves over and over again!

There is something about the power of moving pictures that bring our emotions to life.

So as I reflected on this year I decided something.

I’m going to offer the best to my clients, something they don’t even have to think about.

It’s called the Lifetime Session, because it captures exactly that. It includes everything my clients ask for and more.

You aren’t sure where in your home to hang your photos?

The Lifetime Session includes custom wall design. We take photos of your empty or in need of an update walls, choose sizes and prices, then design your outfits to coorolately properly with the room the photos are to be displayed in.

You aren’t sure what to wear, what season to shoot in, what props to bring, what location to choose or even who all to bring ( pets? grandparents?!) ?

We help you style the perfect shoot for your lifestyle and your home. If you have 500 instagram photos of your puppy… I’m probably going to suggest you bring her : )

You love the idea of wall art, and hanging the images, but really want to send out graduation announcements, christmas cards, or print some great 5x7s to give the family of your chubby new baby?

Not a problem, the Lifetime Session comes with all of your images on a USB in a beautiful custom wooden box with an included copyright to print wherever you like ( though we high suggest mpix.com)

Then last but not least the Lifetime Session includes our BRAND NEW product that plucks my heart strings to a John Mayer tune…

The Lifetime Session includes a beautiful, fully edited, copyright given, music licensed,

Video Portrait.

What is a video portrait you ask?

It is a 3-5 minute long video set to music music,  of your photo session in motion. All the hugs, giggles, kisses, jumps, puppy romping, and romance you can imagine. Available for you to share with your family, friends, blog, Facebook, you name it, and I ADORE THEM.

When I look back at photos of Josh and I, they make me smile, but if I happen to run upon a video of us when we were younger my heart warms, and I want to be able to give that gift to you all : )

Here is a link to the videos I created this past year as a tester.


: ) Let them inspire you to have your own Lifestyle Session!

Have a great day and when you’re ready to book, send us an email!


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