Hayden Dowdy | Soap Photo


Hayden was my very first friend I made when Josh and I moved to Checotah. Josh is the assitant boys basketball coach, and Hayden is the head coach, Jason’s daughter.

The instant I saw those eyes I wanted to take her photo! Two seconds later I started to get aquainted with her hilarious and sassy personality and we became fast friends, sharing a bus seat and pop corn in the stands. About a month ago I asked her mom if I could steal her for the evening and take these artsy fartsy photos of her. Very often myself and my brand of photography is associated with big belly laughs and energy, I wanted these pictures to be beautiful and calm. I think we captured that, even though Hayden begged me to be silly in her photos ( we did some at the end; )!) Please enjoy these photos that were a fun project for me!


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