Elisabeth and Kye Made a Baby : ) | Oklahoma Photographer


Holy Moly, I’m growing up and my friends are bringing other people into this world.
I met Kye in 7th grade and Elisabeth freshman year of highschool and I am 89% sure this is when they met also.
How do I even start?
Elisabeth is in my close group of friends, and is one of the funniest people I know. We made her look all precious and motherly in these photos, but I have seen this girl booty dance, laugh with her whole body, distract me in class with her quirky and dry jokes, and be a straight forward and caring friend. She was there when Josh and I fell in love and even played a sound track for us in the car to do so. She was my car ride buddy when I couldn’t stand to leave Josh in Durant while we drove at 3 am and yelled Miranda Lambert songs at the top of her lungs to keep me awake. She is so so so much fun and is going to be the absolute BEST Mom ever.
When I met Kye in 7th grade ( this is the story he told me this weekend, I actually have a terrible memory) I walked up to him with one of my friends and made him be our friend, and introduced him to our other friends. Probably because I thought he was cute, and that he is! Kye has grown up so much, and it’s so great to see him be a great husband to Elisabeth, and is going to be the most patient and loving Dad!
I love you to mucho mucho mucho and can’t wait to see little Blake Lee : )


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