The Nelson Family

You might have seen a few of our silly photos on instagram yesterday, but I thought I would share some of the impromptu photo shoot I did in my backyard of the Nelsons. I met Dan and Kayleigh in 2008 while on the film crew documenting Make Promises Happen, and if you have been keeping up, I live half of my life at that camp : ) A lot of people don’t get friends with as big of hearts as I do, but being a part of that camp I have two handfuls of them.
Josh was in Dan’s wedding, and Dan was in ours, and I mean I love Kayleigh, but the bromance between those two is something that really can’t be matched ; )
If Dan didn’t get Josh to camp…. Josh and I might have never met!!! Crazy people….. It’s crazy… : ) haha
BUT here are some stunning images of this more than beautiful family we took in about 5 minutes in my backyard! : )


PLEASE comment : )

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