Berkley Kay

I was so happy to meet 5 day old Berkley yesterday : ) I have known her mommah Ashley for a while through Make Promises Happen, and have seen her be the best mom to her oldest, Brooklyn.

Last summer Ashley worked at camp with Josh and I. She was the nurse and we were activity leaders, so over the two months I got to hang out with Brooklyn and Ashley and ask all the questions ( I literally ask Moms I know every awkward and intense question I can think of, hoping to be as prepared as possible when my day comes) and give all the tickles I wanted to miss Brooklyn.

When we came out to their home to shoot sweet Berkley, the Ratzlaff family is so relaxed, calm and down to earth you feel like you could stay all night just hanging out. ( I know Josh wanted to because they pulled out the golf clubs at the end for Brooklyn :)!)

Thank you Kyle and Ashley, for inviting me into your home and trusting me to capture some of your new baby girls first photos : )

P.S. The night after we shot these photos I had my first dream ever (since being married) that I had my own baby and was carrying it around. Your kids are pretty inspiring that’s for sure! ; )


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