Hannah Franklin | My friend


I am so proud of our Hannah. She’s graduating college, and looking for jobs to be a mender of young minds. I’m proud of Hannah because she has worked so hard to get here, making it through papers, finals, and the sudden death of her best friend and roommate Caitlin.

As Hannah goes through all of the motions of her senior year she is constantly reminded of her sweet friend who should be making these steps with her. Hannah has taken it as a responsibility to honor her friend Caitlin in big ways, and even in small ways like wearing her ring and a necklace that have both of their initials stamped in silver.

Through all of this Hannah still finds time to text or call me, and ask how I’m doing and what’s going on in my life. If you know Hannah you can just hear her endearing tone and sweet laugh as she makes plans to go to dinner with you, or help her pick out the perfect ring to wear to the movies. Then she ends every phone call with, ” I love you”.

Spending time with Hannah always lifts my spirits and gives me a new sense of how to treat others with consideration.

Hannah you’re a rock, and you’re going to be an amazing teacher. I love you!


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