Levi | Norman North Senior

Levi Bernhardt is a Senior at Norman North high school, and this fall is moving to go to school in Italy.

And did I mention he has the great hair of a Ken doll?

This kid let Josh and I say goofy things to him as we shoved a camera in his face : ) and he somehow still came out with pretty awesome photos, and a little video as well!

Levi let me play stylist, showing me half of his closet through iphone photos and letting me pick out what I thought would photograph best, though all he showed me would have worked perfectly.

As a part of D.E.N., a student leadership program at Norman North Levi is super fun, creative, and a “go getter” and I can’t wait to see all he accomplishes!

<p><a 2013-04-15_0002.jpg

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