Lenae Photography Commercial

I have been excited about this baby since the beginning of this year after I watched Sue Bryce and Hailey Bartholomew get together on Creative Live and talk about the importance of video in your photography business. I love seeing Jasmine Star commercials and I’m so happy I have one to call my own.

I shot from January to March little bits of my life and things I shoot, and along with Spenser Sakurai shooting my interview and me capturing the beautiful Kylie Morgan, and also laughing at Josh and I being goofy together I think we came up with something pretty nifty.

Spenser got Matt Scheuber to make the beautifuk music you hear behind me talking and them

BAM history was made.

Thank you so much Matt and Spenser and all who helped out with being in this project.

Please share with you friends and fam!



PLEASE comment : )

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