Kate and Tim | Tulsa Engagement Photographer

They had met a long time ago, she says he was the bad boy and he says she was a goody two shoes girl. Though I bet even then, he made her laugh. They went their separate ways, and then ran into each other, and decided it had to have been fate, or they were just super attracted to each other… one of the two.
Kate and Tim met me in Utica Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and as we all drove to the area we were going to shoot their engagement photos, it started to snow. Though this photo session was probably the fastest photo session I have ever shot, we got beautiful images of Kate and Tim huddling close together for warmth, and laughing at the fact they she dragged him out of his heated truck to do so.
This couple cracked me up, and are so happy to be getting married in May : )
I hope the weather on your wedding day is warm, and has calm winds ; )

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