Bethanni and Lee | Post Oak Lodge Wedding Photographer

Yesterday Bethanni and Lee promised to always make each other laugh, be silly with each other, and to be each others best friends at Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I had the pleasure of also being Bethanni and Lee’s engagement photographer, save the date, and wedding invitation designer, and last month Bethanni helped me shoot a wedding! Needless to say, we have gotten to know each other very well in these few months.

Bethanni warned me that she was marrying a man like her father, the warning was because they are both emotional guys, she also made it clear that the rest of the family followed suit. The entire day was spent with precious texts, letters, and appreciation of the little moments that make life so very beautiful.



So we all knew when the ceremony came, we had better be prepared with tissues and waterproof mascara. After Bethanni walked down the isle to her husband, she took a glance at the audience who had come to witness her commiting her life to her soulmate, and the look on her face is precious. Then Mike, Bethanni’s Dad made a beautiful speach about how he had never seen his daughter smile as big as she does when she is with Lee, and he also said a beautiful prayer.


Lee and Bethanni make your heart just fall right out on the floor, but like a good movie, they know how to pick it back up again and make you laugh. After their kiss, Bethanni and Lee high fived before they took their firsts steps as a married couple.


Everything about their wedding was planned to a T. Thanks to Bethanni’s Mom Lisa, again, THANK YOU so very much for getting everything together, and thank you Bethanni and Lee for being so amazing as I hustled and bustled your friends and family around to accomplish the amazing shot list!! : )


I can only look at this picture for about 3 seconds before I tear up… I mean this guy LOVES this girl! I just can’t handle it. First look before the ceremony is the way to go people! Bethanni and Lee with tell you.


The night ended with tons, and TONS of dancing : ) I am so proud of Bethanni for soaking up every single minute of her wedding day.

So there you have it, I have fallen in love with the Murphy’s! Josh and I may or may not have already asked them on a double date ; )
Thank you both for such an amazing day, you have spoiled me as a wedding photographer and I’ll never be the same!
Lee, stay wonderful and laughing at that giggly fun girl you’ve got : )
and Bethanni congratulations, you never have to put on your own lotion again ; )
LOVE to you both, I pray God blesses you with so many years of happiness, and Mike and Lisa lots of grandkids : )


5 thoughts on “Bethanni and Lee | Post Oak Lodge Wedding Photographer

  1. Carly Manning

    The wedding was beautiful! And Beth looked AMAZING!! Very fun wedding. And these pictures are outstanding!! I can’t wait to see the rest! And the photographer was very friendly 🙂

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