Heather and Stephen | Tulsa Engagement Photographer

I just had so much fun shooting Heather and Stephen’s engagement photos in Tulsa near Utica Square. We shot at Peace of Mind book store, and Maple Ridge Park just down the road.
If you have been following my blog recently you know that I recently did a Valentine’s give away and I was searching for the best love story, and when I found that story I was going to give that couple a photo shoot highlighting that love. Heather and Stephen were the winners of that giveaway, and you can read their story and why they were chosen here!
So after reading their story, and contacting Heather back and forth in e-mail I finally got to meet them IRL ( in real life…..) today! After shooting, perfecting, shooting, changing clothes, moving locations, laughing, throwing confetti, snuggles and kisses ( them not me). I truly feel as if Heather and Stephen could be some of my new best friends. Heather is graduating nursing school this April, and Stephen is a Chemist, they are both incredibly smart, incredibly witty, and a perfect sane balance to my “laugh too much, no filter” self.
If you know me, you know that a lot of my best friends seem very opposite of my personality, it’s a balance that I love, and I feel like I found that in Heather and Stephen’s humor and calm(er) personalities.

During our shoot I decided to have Heather and Stephen do some walking along the cool store fronts, during this a man walked out of what we learned was an Irish pub. He realized we were taking engagement photos, so he decided to stop the three of us and give us a life lesson. He made it clear he was speaking to Stephen, and with his intensity it almost felt like he grabbed him by the arms! He rambled for a minute, but his thesis was this ” My Dad told me, and I live by it to this day, and you should too, if you can’t do it in front of her ( he pointed to Heather) it isn’t worth doing”

So random, though very sweet, and yes, a little scary ; )

Heather and Stephen have been together almost 6 years, in that time they have become very best friends and make it so obvious the way they interact. They make each other laugh, and fall into each other so naturally and sweet I got some photos that I just adore.
I hope you enjoy their preview, and check back soon for a fun video that involves silly string and confetti ; ).

I can’t wait for your wedding in June, and I am so very happy to be a part of your day.


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