March Goals

My February Goals were as follows

Start the “who can get a 4-6 pack first” contest with Josh ( I am so going to win…)

Keep up the Dave Ramsey Financial plan ( I already love it)

Finish Reading Enterleadership by Dave Ramsey

Shoot Video MORE : )

Run. 1 mile. Every week day. ( uhhhh this one was scary to type : (!  )

Do 20 push ups and 100 ab somethings everyday.

Find one way every day, to go out of my way to help Josh. 


So my goals for February were fun and I am proud of what I did do! : ( I couldn’t keep up with the push ups or abs… BUT I got the miles up to 2 miles!!  My knee is slightly in pain, but I’m determined to train through it!  Josh and I have been good with drinking our green smoothies and eating healthy, though he tries to tempt us every night suggesting we go get ice cream cones! Someone pinch him! I’m very close to finishing Enterleadership!  I shot lots of video this month! You can check some of them out here

I would say I help Josh a lot, but you’d have to ask him that too ; ) Basketball season is over, so I’ve been cooking dinner all week again! Haha they may qualify as helping. 

Here are my March Goals! 

Turn 2 miles into 3…. ( holy moly running)

Update the healthy eating menu 

Make an “about me” video for Lenae Photography!

Ask myself every day ” what can I MAKE today?”

Do you make monthly goals? Do you want to? What are your goals? Do you read this blog? If you answered any of these questions yes or no please comment below! It makes me feel so happy!






2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Great idea! My boyfriend and I have given up sweet foods for a months (cake, cookies, sweets, brownies, ice cream etc. etc.) We’re only about a week in and time seems to be passing sloooowly! But it’s worth it to feel a little healthier. Good luck with your March list 🙂

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