Love is a Verb Giveaway, WINNERS



Winners announced. I was SO sad I couldn’t choose every one. Thank you all so SO much who shared my page, got people to like it, and who made me laugh and cry with your fun and SO sweet stories. 

  It was summer and Heather was the new girl. On Christmas she had moved from Illinois to a small town in Missouri, a new place, new faces, and she was only 15. She spent her first summer in Missouri at church camp and band camp where she played the trombone, and met her first friend. This friend introduced her to her group of friends, in that group was 17 year old, saxophone playing, Stephen. Stephen was flirty Heather says, “flirty and out of my league”

Or so she thought.

  Stephen and Heather became friends throughout the year. Heather had found a good group who, “took the new girl under their wing”. Stephen continued his flirty ways, and though Heather had a crush on him the whole time, she kept it in the back of her mind. 

    Fast forward to the next summer, and Heather’s friends kept suggesting her and Stephen date. Heather didn’t know this, but Stephen had changed his ways. He had noticed her, and prayed about making Heather a part of his life. Stephen asked Heather’s Dad if he could date his daughter, and after pulling Stephen’s leg a few minutes, Heather’s Dad said “yes”.

   A few months later they shared their first kiss watching the movie ‘White Christmas’. If you haven’t seen this movie ( It’s one of my favorites, I’m a sucker for a classic) Here is the trailer 

   Then Stephen graduated, and moved 4 hours away to go to college. Heather was devastated every time Stephen left from a visit, but they stuck it out and worked hard to keep their relationship alive.

  The next year Heather started going to nursing school just 40 minutes from Stephen. Heather thought the hard times were over, her and Stephen could be close, and her busy nursing school schedule would be her main worry. 

Then Heather’s Mom was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. 

   Heather stayed in school, but spent every moment she could by her mom’s side who lived 4 hours away. 

Stephen was there for Heather. He held her tight when she cried.  Stephen also waited for her to have time for him between caring for her mom and nursing school, just like she had done for him when they were 4 hours apart. Stephen helped care for Heather’s mom, and when she passed away last December, Stephen was Heather’s rock and became a vital part of her family. 

  This month they will have been a couple 5 1/2 years, and on February 10th Stephen took Heather on a surprise date to downtown where he stopped her in her tracks and down on one knee said 

” I love you, and Six Valentine’s Days without a ring would be too many, so let’s make this our first as an engaged couple”

Stephen asked Heather to marry him, and she said yes

The NEXT day she e-mailed me this story.

They have remained faithful to God, and are saving their special night to be their wedding night, which they excitedly hope is this June.

I am thrilled to announce that Heather and Stephen are the winners of the Lenae Photography, Love is a Verb photo shoot give away. I so look forward to being a part of their story and capturing their love in timeless photographs.

Thank you all who submitted your stories, for they touched my heart and made me feel even more blessed to be able to do what I do. I am so thankful. You’ll be receiving a little somethin somethin in your e-mail so don’t feel down!

“When you show me love, I don’t need your words, not love ain’t a thing, love is a verb”- John Mayer





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