February Goals

Hey everyone! 

Hope you had a great January and have been continuing to keep your goals strong as you make your way into 2013!

My goals for January were

Finish and blog review “Nice girls don’t get the corner office” and “Blog Inc.”

Make healthy “on the go” snacks and meals for this away game busy basketball month

 Have a quiet time 5 days a week.

Plan 2 things for our June Road trip.

Organize Lenae Photography’s money distribution

Play more Guitar


My quiet times ended up being about 3 a week, and though I have finished “Nice girls don’t get the corner office, I have yet to blog review it : 0! All to come soon : )

So here are my February Goals!

Start the “who can get a 4-6 pack first” contest with Josh ( I am so going to win…)

Keep up the Dave Ramsey Financial plan ( I already love it)

Finish Reading Enterleadership by Dave Ramsey

Shoot Video MORE : )

Run. 1 mile. Every week day. ( uhhhh this one was scary to type : (!  )

Do 20 push ups and 100 ab somethings everyday.

Find one way every day, to go out of my way to help Josh. 


What are your goals this month?




6 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Such great goals! That book from January Nice girls don’t get the corner office sounds like that’s something I would love to read! I gotta check back here for your review! Good luck with your february goals! I have to check out Dave Ramsey? Never heard of him before! Good luck with the miles! That’s a great goal…I think I’m going to try that too!! =)

    1. Thank you! I need to get on that review! It’s such a powerful book. Yes Dave Ramsey is a very logical and easy read, I would totally check him out. What helps me with the miles is knowing every one is watching when I post! It keeps me going when I don’t want to run!

    1. I know! Blogging is tough sometimes! But when you produce something the feeling is great! I need to check that Filofax out, I’ve never heard of that! I am working on them : ) Thank you for your comment! I lets me know people are rooting me on!

  2. You did well on your January goals!

    My only goal right now is to stay away from setting goals. Or, I can put it like this, my goal is to stop putting so much pressure on myself and making space for some laziness in life. I’m a very goal oriented person (I LOVE putting up goals, working towards and – of course – achieving them), but this is what I need right now.

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