Love is a Verb Giveaway

Hey there! This idea I have to give away a shoot for love, for marketing, and for Valentines day is from a business friend of mine Vicky from Small Business Gal

Here is the promo video…..

SHARE SHARE SHARE this video, this blog post, on twitter, instagram, and faceboook, also share this photo on facebook. I want to hear love stories from everywhere! 


Submit your love story to

Make sure you send your contact information : Name, Phone number, e-mail and City.

Also attach a photo of you and your love so I can share it when/ if you win!! 


P.S. You might have a better chance of winning, the more you share, the more you get people to like Lenae Photography on facebook, or get people to follow on twitter/instagram, or subscribe to my e-mail list

Just saying…. I have ways of checking this stuff… eyes in the back of my head…. people every where……




5 thoughts on “Love is a Verb Giveaway

  1. hilaryc

    Great idea! I’m going to start writing about Jeremy and I this afternoon! Where is a pic of us in your examples above?? Seriously…

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