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One of my January goals was to finish reading Blog Inc. written by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

(Monthly Goals inspired by Nancy Ray of Nancy Ray Photography)

So I buckled down and finished reading this great book CHALK FULL of information.

I started blogging this past year to boost my business’s personality, I discovered an entire world of bloggers while doing so and I’ll be glad to share with you whom all I follow if you wish ( for questions)

While stumbling around in this world of beautiful photos and words bringing people on opposite sides of the country and world to a personal level, I came upon the Oh Joy! blog, I liked her style and precious photos of her daughter and then she started promoting a book she had written, this precious promotion video had me HOOKED. ( Blog Inc. on YouTube ).

What I thought was going to be a fun little book that had me even more appreciative of the blog world, turned into a HOLY MOLY I need my highlighter read. 

Joy not only writes in a way that makes you want to put on your polka dotted heart leggings and go on adventure to write about, but also is very informative and clear on every detail of the blog industry. 

Leaving not a strand of information out. No hidden, “how’d she do thats” or ” I wish she would have gave more details” 

Some great quotes from her book being

“Success won’t happen over night, but if you dedicate your time and creativity to your blog, I guarantee it will” 

“Share your life or your work. Sharing parts of your life or work on your blog is something that one one else can replicate, as these experiences or creations are YOURS”

Joy’s book Blog Inc. isn’t a just a good read, it’s a text book for bloggers who have just started, or are looking to get serious about blogging.

I don’t know if you know this, but there are people out there, who literally live, pay their bills, and make MONEY on top of that, off of their blog! Joy explains how all of this is possible in her book Blog Inc.

Tips organized by chapters include;

Why Blog?, Anatomy of a Blog, Finding your Voice and Niche, Naming your blog, Being Authentic, Powering your blog, Domain Names, Design, What to post, Adding Images, Frequency of Posts, Planning ahead and blogging from afar,  Blogging Community Etiquette, Being Active online, Contacting and Contributing to other blogs, Initiating a local blogger meet up, Social Networking, Commenting 101, Making your blog a business, Protecting your work, Financing your blog, TAXES, Creating a Business plan, Measuring your blogs traffic, Getting Sponsors, Banners Ads, What to charge, Your Media Kit, Joining a Blog Ad Network, Sponsors, and how to place and Ad on your blog.

Literally. A reference guide to blogging. 

Joy also gives you great interviews from bloggers who have become successful blogging by the ads they sell on their pages, their sponsors, or by the marketing their blog produced making their company more successful. (Sometimes all three!)

If you’re interested in becoming a blogger, or already are and need some help swimming in the big ocean I would purchase this book! 

Thank you Joy for making an effort to put guidelines and tips into this territory : )

Everyone have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Blog Inc. Review

  1. I just finished reading this book – it was wonderful. I posted something recently about feeling like some of the things she wrote validated me in sharing what I want to share.

    You hit the nail on the head with referring to it as a textbook for bloggers – that’s really exactly what it is.

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