A weekend at home

November and December were crazy months for Josh and I. It was the first two full fledged months of basketball. Monday nights were middle school games, tuesday nights high school, wednesday nights we would pig out on pizza and go into a food/ basketball sleep coma. Thursday nights middle school again, and then Friday nights high school. Saturday mornings I would drive to the city and do photo shoots for Christmas : ) All day Saturday and Sunday, then get home Sunday night.

Then we would start all over! : )

We were crahhhhhhhhzy people come Christmas break, and were gone most of it, had a super fun night with friends for NYE, then I ran to Lawton to meet up with my Pursuit 31 gals. It was so nice to meet and talk with other women christian photographers. There is only so much basketball this gal can talk until she needs to burst out with some posing techniques and aperture love!

Though this weekend Josh and I got to spend it at home together : )

What did you do this weekend? Did you get to spend it away? Did you go on a trip? Did you eat ice cream and pizza AND cupcakes? Did you get a new puppy? Did you name a business?  ; )

TELL ME! : )

Lindsey McClennahan


PLEASE comment : )

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