2013 for Lenae Photography

Here we go!

If you don’t want to REEEEAAAAAD watch the “read to me Lindsey” blog reading episode here!


This year Lenae Photography captured

32 Families (Including baby shoots)

5 Engagements

9 Seniors

5 Weddings

3 Head shots

12 Calendar Models

2 Concerts (Letting me meet Hunter Hayes and Jana Kramer!) (thanks OWEN!)

2 Birthday Parties

2 Marketing shoots for handmade Jewelry (thanks Sarah Swift)

2 Make Promises Happen Adventure Trips

10 Make Promises Happen Weeklong Camps

2012 Marked Lenae Photography’s First official year to pay taxes as a business not a hobby

Quit my other two jobs to focus solely on photography. (thanks Josh)

 Had my first canvas printed

 Opened a square account and started taking credit and debit cards.

 Finally got the lindsey@lenaephotography.com e-mail!

Became a natural posing expert.

Started answering ‘photographer’ when others ask what I do.

I also invested in new equipment and educated myself a TON

Instead of listing my Goals right off the accomplishment segue, I am going to list 5 things I want to feel in my business in 2013, and the goals that match those feelings.

Progressive– by educating myself once everyday, focused on photography, business, or marketing. Then taking what I learn and applying my own style on the learned techniques.

Developed– By treating Lenae Photography as a stand alone no training wheels business. Learning to say “no” when a “stretch yourself too far” option is presented. Remembering that I started Lenae Photography to OWN my own business, not let others OWN me!

Contributing– By giving back to the community by donating a percentage of print sales to Make Promises Happen and giving complimentary photo shoots to families or seniors with special needs and developing a Marketing plan to share both of these things.

Artistic– By taking time to plan shoots with props and locations that set my clients images apart from others. By also asking myself and others every week “what can I MAKE today” (that was a Chase Jarvis inspired quote) By letting myself and my clients be creative I am growing an aspect of my business that makes it original and personal.

Enduring– By taking the ups and downs and looking at them as the journey to where I want Lenae Photography. Taking the slow times to focus on my education, my creativity, my family, and God. Owning a business is like waiting for the boy to ask you to dance in 6th grade, and sometimes you just have to realize that to get to married and 22 you’ve got to go through the braces, acne, and long journal entries about boys. (That’s right I just used a simile).

My Personal Goals for 2013

Be able to do 20 pull ups

Eat so many greens my immune system also starts protecting others

Obtain the Nick Name “Trophy Wife”

Plan an Amazing Road trip to Vista, California

Streamline Lenae Photography ^ ; )

Make and capture beautiful moments

Be a prayer warrior

My January Goals 

Finish and blog review “Nice girls don’t get the corner office” and “Blog Inc.”

Make healthy “on the go” snacks and meals for this away game busy basketball month

 Have a quiet time 5 days a week.

Plan 2 things for our June Road trip.

Organize Lenae Photography’s money distribution

Play more Guitar

What are your goals for 2013? Do you have any questions or comments? About anything?!

My job? My hometown? My dog? My favorite color?!

Please comment below, or  TWEET or Facebook  or instagram or my website or feel free to e-mail me at


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