I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

I hope every one had a very Merry Christmas : )

Josh and I had our first Christmas as a married couple as it

snowed Christmas afternoon, the prettiest slow falling, lights twinkling snow… ever.

We decided since we have such a HUGE family.( I’m talking three sets of grandparents on each side, our step parents christmases, and 6  brothers and one sister. ) That we would give Thanksgiving to one family, Christmas to the other, and switch each year. We started it this year, and since my birthday was on thanksgiving, and his mom is finding out what an empty nest is like (one ran to college, and one ran off and got married) we gave Thanksgiving to my family, and Christmas to Josh’s. BUT we ALSO decided to start the tradition of giving Christmas morning to ourselves ( and one day our little sugar pops (you know… our children) ) So we spent Christmas day snuggled up in our sweat pants, watching Christmas movies, baking cookies and opening our gifts to each other. With the occasional trip to the hung mistletoe ; )

I also have spent a lot of time reflecting on what an amazing year we have had. I’d post a million photos, but just check the facebook and instagram and you’ll be set ; )

I’m also making some changes to L. Lenae Photography. A big post to come involving exactly what those changes are to come!

Happy New Year everyone!

Are you making any changes this year? If so what?! Comment below, or TWEET me : )


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