The Speck Family

A few weeks ago I received a phone call inquiry about doing a family photo shoot / 1 year old cake smash pictures : ). We talked about a date ( I got a little nervous because it was getting close to Christmas time, and I didn’t have many times left to run back to OKC) The to my surprise Robin said they were only a town away, and could do weekdays! I was so excited.

So this Tuesday afternoon I got to spend the pretty sun light and nice warm weathered December day with the Speck and Barry family. The big reason for this choice of date was that Trevor (Dad) was home for Christmas and his daughter Kynlee Ann’s first birthday. Trevor is stationed in Korea while his wife Renae and precious little girl stay in the COUNTRY near me in Checotah where his mom lives! 

We captured these images at their home, and I felt so welcome and comfortable with this sweet family. They let me set up a “studio” in their living room, and even moved a leather couch out into the middle of a field to make their images have some spark to them. 

I loved these images of this very caring, patient family with a great sense of humor. Renae’s little sister cracked me AND Kynlee up.  I especially loved listening to Robin (grandma) and her husband Steve adore little Kynlee, or as they nick named her “Little Bitty”. 

Lessons from this shoot

1. Remember to take brakes to see if anyone (especially the one year old) is hungry during the shoot.

2. Fondant stains…. every thing…. ( Ask Trevor )

3. Remember to look at your calendar everyday…. because sometimes you get blessed with weekday photo shoots…. That spring up on you….



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