Stark Family

I met the Stark family through my Living Social deal I had earlier this year. They are from the Blanchard Newcastle area, so when I asked Mackenzie where she would like to take her family’s photos she chose the “more city” area, than the foliage or open field idea that lot of people in her area tend to lean towards.

Her family, especially her two boys were so cute, but they definitely made me work. 

Here is the lesson for this shoot, if you have a kiddo who is playing hard to get with you, and you feel like you’ve used all the tricks in your bag, try again, find something else, and get hints from the kids themselves. In this shoot I tried everything, “say boogers” “wrestle your brother” “now don’t you smile!” All seemed to fail, Mom says that her youngest boy is the class clown, the big flirt, and didn’t know what was going on! She did the best thing she could during the shoot, her and her husband Red stayed calm, never resorting to spakins, grounding, or yelling at the boys. That right there is the best thing you can ask of your clients, or especially wonderful if they do it naturally.

The winners for giggles and real smiles in this shoot were two things.

1. Run towards the camera as fast as you can.


2. You can go up the really cool stair case that’s connected to the tree if you smile 5 times.

: ) I mean, check out this cool photos where he runs into the picture! I just love it.

If you have little flirts playing hard to get, what are your tricks to get them to give that real smile in photos? Comment below! : )


PLEASE comment : )

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